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Electric Candle Lighters

Electric Candle Lighters

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Introducing the Luna & Lo Electric Candle Lighters. Say goodbye to messy matches and outdated lighters with this sleek and stylish electric candle lighter. Whether you're lighting candles or a cozy fireplace, this high-quality lighter makes it easy and effortless.

Not only is it convenient, but it's also eco-friendly and cost-effective. With USB rechargeable capabilities, you can save money on buying disposable lighters. The safety switch ensures peace of mind, preventing accidental use.

* Please disconnect the power immediately after full charge. Do not leave the fully charged battery connected to a power source because overcharging will shorten battery life.

Please clean up the ash and other debris at the arc crater, so as not to affect the effect of the ignition, please do not touch it with your hands.

Do not place the product into water or other liquids, as it may cause a short circuit.

Please do not use it continuously to avoid high-temperature burns to the skin and affect the life of the product.

Please keep away from your face, skin and combustible substances make sure the flame has been fully extinguished after use to avoid danger.

This product should be away from open flame heat with more than 50° avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in a glass case or in a car. Otherwise, it will cause overheating fire, or functional decline and reduce the service life.


- Do not use a sharp object to pierce this product.
- Keep out of reach of the children.


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